These local musicians started jamming together in May 2007 and played out in public for the first time at The Witch's Brew in July 2007. In December 2007 they headlined at the Palm Harbor Chamber's Art Festival. They are the houseband at The Witch's Brew in Palm Harbor since 2007 also. Other big gigs have been multiple Palm Harbor BikeFests and the 2010 Wingfest. Recent gigs have included Hippiefest 2012 in Tarpon Springs and their 5th appearance at Witchstock.

DAVE DEWITT - Grew up in Dunedin. Other than being a great singer and harmonica player, we don't know much about him. We suspect he is in the Witness Protection Program and travelling under an alias.

RICK KLEIN- Drums; Rick is from Baltimore, Maryland. He began playing drums at the age of 13. Moved to Palm Harbor, Florida in 1994. He is enough of a Grand Funk Fan, that Mark Farner knows him by sight.

STEVE ALLBRITTON -  Lead Guitar, Steve began playing guitar at age 9 when he mowed lawns to save enough money for his first axe. His big brother showed him the open E-Minor7/A progression made famous by Neil Young's "Down By The River", on which he jammed incessantly for hours on end. He fell in love with flatpicking in his early teens after seeing a bluegrass band perform at an ox roast in Highlands N.C. For a while, while other kids his age were paying homage to Jimmy Page, he worshiped at the temple of Doc Watson. However, he has always had the Blues and Rock firmly rooted in his DNA, and is an ardent believer in what the great Joe Satriani once told him: "Play What You Feel!"

RICHARD SMITH - Lead guitar, singer, and Keyboards; Richard is a long-time resident of Clearwater, Florida. He started off playing acoustic guitar while sunning at Clearwater Beach as a teenager. You might have seen him in "Bob and the Barricades" and "That 70s Band" prior to his time with us.